The War on Fake

If you want to live an optimized quality of life with endo, you must eliminate this from your life!

You get what you put up with. You get what you allow. If you willingly allow fakeness into your life, it will slowly corrupt you from the inside….which I know is a sore spot for you if you get what I mean.

When I was attempting to naturally reach remission from endometriosis, at times I seemed to be hitting invisible roadblocks that didn’t make any sense.

I cut out foods that I thought triggered flare-ups, yet there were still flare-ups.

I tried meditations to clear my mind and gain a positive outlook, yet endometriosis and PCOS hung over me like a cartoon raincloud. (You know the ones I’m talking about, The rain and thunderstorm clouds over people who were sad or depressed…while the sun shined everywhere else.)

I reached out to other women in our community who were living with endo, yet I only found a whole bunch of women who had long since given up….and were just looking to find company in their misery.

And that’s not what I was looking for. I was looking for something to help me on my journey to healing… not a journey back to getting worse.

Then I realized something.

I was tolerating too much!

I was tolerating fake people, fake news, and even my own “fakeness”.

It wasn’t until I declared war on fake that things started to change permanently.

Here are some things that you might be tolerating from yourself and the world around you that may be sabotaging your quality of life.

Fake Food

Much of the “food” that makes up your diet today is fake. Look no further than the ingredient label. Do you recognize every ingredient as food? Can you even pronounce everything that’s on the ingredient list? If your food has been manufactured and been “enhanced” with chemicals and preservatives, it’s fake and is sabotaging your ability to heal.

So, how do you know if the food is real?

Look for minimally processed, organic, non-GMO foods with as few ingredients as possible on the label. No label is even better. Simple.

Fake Solutions

Pills and surgery….Here we go.

Ever wonder why doctors never recommend proper nutrition, mindfulness, and physical activity? Their fake solutions keep you sick and coming back to pay them more to keep you sick and diseased!

Are there doctors out there who truly have your best interest at heart? Probably, but if they are not fake, they will say things like, “Do THIS, because I don’t want to see you in here again.” instead of, “I’ll see you next week after you take these pills so we can schedule a surgery and give you more pills.”.

Fake People

People who gossip about other people to you will talk about you when you are not there. People who will tell you little white lies and half-truths will stab you in the back when it’s convenient for them. People who play the victim will take a mile if you give them an inch.

Simply put, you must eliminate these people from your life.

Here’s one more bonus hard truth for you….

If you exhibit any of these behaviors, you must work to eliminate the pattern within yourself. This doesn’t mean you’re a bad person, and I’m not calling you a bad person. The truth of the matter is if you let that behavior persist, your life will always be ruled by negativity….and that only feeds the disease.

Bottom line: If you want to live the highest quality of life possible with endometriosis, you have to declare war on fake. We all wear masks to cover up the truth. We all wear masks to put on a “brave face” for everyone else, but what is that doing to you? It gives you nothing but false “fake” identity, health, meaning, etc.

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